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| Warrnambool and District Cricket Association
Presented by the Warrnambool Standard

Each season one award is made to the club which contributes the most for "the Spirit of Cricket" across all divisions. Each team is assessed by the umpires in each match, receiving a rating out of 10, based on:
  1. Captains’ acceptance of his responsibility for his players’ behaviour;
  2. Team’s adherence to the principles of "the Spirit of Cricket" including respect for team-mates, opponents and the umpires’ role; and
  3. Co-operation/attitude of captains and players towards umpires and their role.
There is a mandatory deduction of three points per match of actual suspension for each player found guilty by the Tribunal. 

1   Allansford 8.50
2   Brierly Christ Church 8.44
3   Dennington 8.40
4   Nirranda 8.39
5   Koroit 8.33
6   Merrivale 8.32
7   Port Fairy 8.30
8   Wesley CBC 8.19
9   West Warrnambool 8.17
10   Woodford 8.13
11   East Warrnambool YCW 8.00
12   Nestles 7.68
13   Russells Creek 7.49